"I had a client who had had a brown recluse bite on her ear lobe 3 years before she came to see me for a massage. When I asked her what had happened to her ear lobe to cause it to be sloughing off the skin, she told me a brown recluse spider had bitten her there 3 years before and it kept on affecting her ear no matter what the doctors had done. I just applied a drop of cleansing and a drop of purity to the site and finished her session. The next day she called to report that her ear had stopped its tissue erosion and she just could not get over that the oils had such a prompt and total effect. Since then, I used them on a brown recluse bite I got and they stopped the effects immediately. And, I used them on my husband recently when he got a brown recluse bite on his leg and the tissue never sloughed off as it normally would. We both did follow up with the doctor as a precaution because these bites can be so devastating. We never are without these 2 oils as we know how effective they are against brown recluse bites. I have told many people over the years to keep these around as part of their first aid kits. They work!!"
~ Pam Sansom - Benton, LA

"My wife and I were originally referred to Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils by a trusted healing practitioner. In this woman's view the products offered the same quality (or even better) as those offered by "the other brand", but the prices were much more reasonable. After doing some research on the Web about the company and its products, I decided to purchase bottles of Lavender, Peppermint, and Carrot oils, as well as a blended oil called "Ancient Robbers." The prices were indeed more affordable, the shipping was faster and less expensive than I was accustomed to paying, and the customer service was excellent. Most importantly, I found that all of the oils purchased truly are of exceptional quality. Based on this experience, I fully expect that Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils will be our supplier of choice for many years to come."
~ Jeff Maziarek - Chicago, IL

It was a pleasure to speak you today and I'm glad I had a chance to share some results. I have been an essential oil user for many years and am usually open to those intuitive hints you sometimes get to use what you know. For me it was a throbbing beneath a molar that got worse and was sensitive to temperature and pressure. I was newly married and the last thing I had time for was a root canal! Then as I was driving it occurred to me that the throbbing was inflammation, infection... what did I have that was good for that? Ancient Robbers, an oil I had purchased for our emergency kit and as yet had not used, was sitting on my counter "nothing can live in the presence of these volatile oils. I was prompted to put a drop on my finger and apply it to the tooth and the roof of my mouth. It was spicy, a little hot and the stopped the pain, throbbing almost immediately. About a week later I realized that a knot had formed on the gum line and my tongue would not leave it alone. A day or so later, it popped and drained. End of story... happily. In the years since then I have had several, throbbing events. Now, I do not wait. I put a drop on the top of the tooth or in my case crowns and that's it. The oil make's it way in and any inflammation is gone, no infection has a chance to start.
~ Martha

I have been using Ancient Wisdom essential oils for 8-9 years and absolutely love them. They are all considerably stronger and less adulterated than the large company I had previously been ordering from before discovering AW, reminding me of the oils I originally bought at the pharmacy's in France wherein I first learned of the use of essential oils in the late 80's. I stopped using perfumes at that time and have used essential oils daily ever since my discovery of them. Although the essential oil I have to purchase the most is Peppermint, as I constantly have a cotton round in my pocket with several drops of Peppermint that I sniff periodically throughout the day. It clears and stimulates the mind and has actually been tested and proven to bring clarity for students taking tests, so if I am tired towards the end of the day I pull out my cotton round and sniff. The peppermint cotton round also is excellent for sinus issues, plugged nose or during cold season being a fabulous alternative to over the counter cold/flu meds. Peppermint's most profound use though, is for headaches and tension in the shoulders/neck area, put a drop in your hairline at your temples and/or in the hairline at the back of your neck, and within 30 minutes the worst of headaches are gone! Carry a bottle and you will be sought after by anyone who knows you always have a supply with you!!! And I must say, AW's peppermint oil is as therapeutic, pure and strong as the ones I bought in the pharmacy's in France.

Blessings to you,
~ Angelica Cory

Thank you for the information on the essential oils. I am excited about your oils and have been telling people about them. Thank you for your care, consideration, and information. Have a Lovely Day !!!

~ Robyn Meyer

on November 26th 2012 my 24 year old daughter woke up with a severe sore throat and in a lot of pain, during the day she tried the usual gargle with hot salt water and such, finally on the 27th she let me treat her with oils, I rubbed her through down with ancient robbers and gave her a spoon full of honey with a couple drops of ginger in it, she said it was pretty bitter but she took it, then late that evening I told her we needed to do another dose this time I used a spoon full of honey with a couple of drops of ancient wisdom on it, she said it tasted awful but her throat started getting numb immediately she was amazed, within a couple of hours she had NO pain. She is now a full believer in Ancient Wisdom Oils. Thank you for providing the products we need to treat our family in a natural way.

~ Deanna Byrd

I totally believe in many of the oils. The one that I use every day is lemon. I put it on the bottom of my feet every morning and have done so for several years. In doing so, I have not had the flu nor had a cold for many years. I also do not get the flu shot. I also let others know about what I do and others are doing the same thing. I am a firm believer in the power of lemon. If I am out of lemon, I will use orange but I always try to manage to never be out of lemon. I try to keep several bottles on hand as I will give if they are willing to give it a try.

~ Annette

I am a firm believer in many of the oils. However, I find that lavender has many uses. I have not found any over the counter products that work as well as lavender does for cold sores or fever blisters. As soon as I feel a small, sore bump starting to materialize on my lip, I immediately start applying lavender. In doing so, the cold sore/fever blister never happens. I also use lavender for bruises as I bruise very easily and find that it helps as well. Another of my favorites is AWEO Peppermint. I usually have one in jacket pocket this time of year. If I feel slightest sign of a sore throat I put a drop or two on tongue and slowly swallow it.

~ Bob Painter

The oil I ordered from you "Bravely" is so very unique. It is very calming and reminds me of the wonderful odors of the forest trees... I just love it! Please use my story as a testimonial.

~ Steve Nail

Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils: My personal experience with the Ravensara was small spots that I suspected were going to be the start of shingles as we had all been exposed to chicken pox. I had only a couple spots but putting a drop of the oil on them took the itching away immediately, only needing a couple treatments for one that lasted more than one day. I also put it on my feet and took a few drops in a capsule and the shingles never took hold. Also, supplemented with Vit. B and C. Got the extra bottle in case anyone else started showing symptoms. For pneumonia, a friend who had been hospitalized for pneumonia and felt it was starting to return, used Body Protector and had overwhelming results overnight and kept using that layered with peppermint also. Body Protector also worked excellent for Gary when he had bronchitis. Oils can just do so much.

~ Ann N.

I have found that lavender and peppermint work well together in giving me dramatic relief from migraine-like headaches, which I can experience frequently with dramatic weather changes. Sometimes my headaches are so bad that I can't think, function or even sleep. Since I do not take prescription drugs or other drugstore products, I turned to Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils for pain relief. I start by inhaling lavender oil deeply, followed by peppermint oil, which sometimes helps by itself. When the pain is still intense, I apply a little lavender to the temples, just a dab over the center of my eyebrows, under my nose, and along the base of my neck (on the sores spots that accompany my headaches). Often I will get relief doing this. For the most excruciating headaches, I then layer peppermint on top of the lavender (being careful to keep it away from my eyes) which brings me relief fairly quickly and allows me to function again. Hurrah!

~ Bev S

Ancient Robbers... THAT is one of our household "must-haves", along with Sinus Relief and Breathe Easy. I was actually in the middle of diffusing the house with thyme and lavender when I broke my bottle; I had just finished using it with thyme, lavender, and eucalyptus in a hot steamy bathroom for myself. C'est la vie!

~ D. O. in CA

Yes Oregano Oil "feathered' onto the Spinal area in sequence with Thyme Oil is part of the regime that I use daily in the treatment of my clients. Regardless of a clients "challenge" they will always feel the benefit of a lightened load of parasites. It has been determined that the average adult is host to approximately "a double handful" of various parasites!! Apparently these two oils can at least weaken and or kill the parasites enabling the body to process & excrete them. Another benefit is that external parasites are NOT attracted to a body that is using these oils!! Example; fleas, lice.

Here's to Better Health by not feeling "Lousy OR Flea Bitten"

~ ELVIE from Australia (Down Under!)

I created a combination of 3 of the Ancient Wisdom oils mixed in regular body lotion with the vision that it would help people with joint pain. This seemed to be helpful for several. But I began to put this combination to the test some weeks ago when I fell and tore soft tissue around my knee. With my Physical Therapist's healing time estimated to be 12-14 weeks for full recover, I "pulled out all the stops" doing as many healing techniques as I could. A part of this self-healing program was daily application of this lotion I decided to call "Body Ease". I absolutely trust that this accelerated my healing process. By the end of the 7th week, I was walking without pain, no longer needing to use my knee support wrap, let alone a cane. Amazing! And it smells so good. I am so deeply grateful for all the Ancient Wisdom oils.

Combination: Painless, Liberate and Siez the Aroma.

~ Joyah French
Inner Alchemy
Half Moon Bay, Ca.

We have found by using the Purity and/or the Ancient Robbers in our mopping water and setting up a spray bottle of distilled water and one for each of the oils (spray on rag for dusting), we are able to keep a healthier environment. We have virtually no mold. We live in a heavy tree area with a significant pollen disbursement and have been able to reduce the effects of irritation on canine, feline and human subjects. I have added a drop of Purity to vegetable and fruit washing as sometimes suspicious growths sneak in from the market. Before the purity drop, I was noticing mold growth start at the stems of grapes, after washing with just water. As my husband and I are seniors with health issues, we have had to be vigilant regarding upper respiratory issues. The Sinus Relief and the Breath Ease have been a large and versatile help. They may be used in vaporizers, on cotton affixed to the A/C vent in the car, and dabbed onto the paper face masks and worn on the face. Drops applied on the outside of the mask. Avoid concentrated contact with skin as a health aid may then become an irritant.
~ Norma

Ancient Wisdom has high quality products at affordable prices! I love Ancient Wisdom! I have tried other companies and I will not go back to anyone else.

The owners of Ancient Wisdom are very knowlesdeable about the oils and they are ver friendly and accomodating too. I trust them and I trust their products because they work!
~ Cindy Cina CMT

With arthritics writing and yard work are the hardest to accomplish since David started me on the oils for my legs and knees I find it easier to do my chores. I simply rub the "cypress" then "sieze the aroma" and follow with "lavender" after a good rub I can sleep without pain keeping me awake, so thankful for the help and information, oh yes in the massaging I get help with my hands, I'm thankful for the changes.
Sincerely, Mary Warble

Essential oils carry a distictive scent, or essence, of the plant and have been used historically for many curative effects. I have experienced Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils to be of the highest pharmaceutical quality, with no carrier oil added.

Ancient Wisdom Essential Oil is a family owned business with a focus on customer service. I have received the utmost attention and care from AWEO. They welcome questions and always provide next day shipping.~ Jeana

I highly suggest, as an Aroma Therapist myself its use...
~ J. of York, Penn.

The challenge is to listen to yourself be willing to explore intelligently, and see where you resonate most optimally and begin your healing journey there...
~ Barbara Doss, R.N.
Massage Therapist
Cardiac Yoga Instructor

I had a sample of your of your toothpaste Coral White which I started using. In three brushings my mouth didn't hurt any more & the swelling was gone.
~ Ethel Murphy
Pleasent View, Co.

It is so wonderful to have relief. I have hever had anything work so quickly for me for anything.
~ Mrs. Roger Lieser

I am so glad that our patient has brought us your information and that we are able to purchase this high quality, high resonating oils from you. Thank you so much for this great gift you have given our office and to our patients.
~ Coery Sondrup, DC, PhD, BCNP
Optimal Health Dynamics
Ogden, UT

I am so pleased with your oils!!... I have been very impressed with the Lavender...
~ Anne Edwards
Converse, TX

She is now a full believer in Ancient Wisdom Oils. Thank you for providing the products...
~Deanna Byrd

These oils are amazing and potent...
~Gail B.

Since I do not take prescription drugs or other drugstore products, I turned to Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils...
~Bev S.

...used Body Protector and had overwhelming results overnight...