HISTORY of the AWEO Company

Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils opened its doors in 2002. Before its inception the founder of the company, Don Held, knew about the amazing use of therapeutic grade essential oils as a natural alternative solution to promote well being. Since 2002 Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils has grown with distributors in three countries on two continents. The company has always maintained its high standard of never adding carrier oils or additives to its essential oil blends or single essential oils. All of our Company’s essential oils and oil blends use only 100% pure, genuine, authentic, plant derived and unadulterated always, the best essential oils available.

Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils is built on the framework of the “choice is yours” to be either a distributor or a customer. If you become a distributor you can build a business with a down-line for which you can receive commission checks*. If you want to be a customer, you still have the advantages of obtaining pure therapeutic grade essential oils and you may choose to use our auto-ship program like the distributor.... which you can receive a FREE essential oil every month you are part of the auto-ship program. Call the AWEO Home Office for more information.

We guarantee that we only sell 100% pure, genuine, authentic, plant derived and always unadulterated essential oils because they are the most powerful and the most effective.

*Based on distributor guidelines

Don Held is the founder of Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils. As a young man he received his degree from the University of California at Davis in Chemistry and Zoology. His choice of fitness and quality choices was the key to his quality of health in his life. When Don was introduced to essential oils through Young Living, it was something he saw would help people. Don worked very successful with this company for 5 years, then learned the supplier would be the same if he started his own company of the same quality of 100% pure, genuine and plant derived essential oils: it has been 13 years since that successful switch. He appreciated the training in essential oils and held a high leadership position while partnering with the importance of nutrition. Having been an entrepreneur most of his life, he appreciates the passion of essential oils because of the tremendous help it has been to people.

Mission Statement
Here at Ancient Wisdom Essential Oils there are no hidden fees. We haven't changed our prices in numerous years, passing along the savings to you. We guarantee that we only sell 100% pure, plant derived essential oils because they are the most powerful and proven to be effective by international growers and distillers. Our products do NOT have carrier oils, which reduce shelf life and dilute the quality. We are known as the “mom and pop“ shop because we take care of everyone's order with loving care, always ready to help.